Cryogenic Storage Tank for LO2,LN2,LAR

Cryogenic Storage Tank for LO2,LN2,LAR

Cryogenic storage tanks are produced for the purpose of storing the below gases in the liquid form. These liquid cryogenic gases are used in a wide range of applications, including metal processing, medical sector, electronics, laser cutting, water treatment, food industry, etc. Cryogenic liquids are also used for low temperature cooling applications, such as food freezing, engineering shrink fitting and the storage of bio-samples.


-Liquefied Oxygen        (LOX)    -183℃

-Liquefied Nitrogen       (LIN)     -196℃

-Liquefied Argon          (LAR)    -186℃


Our static cryogenic storage tanks are designed for storage of cryogenic gases under particular pressure for a long period of time. Vertical type cryogenic storage tank is more ordered by the clients due to its less area occupation.


Features:Unique design with internal insulation advanced vacuum technology, which ensures vacuum tank long service life. Innovative modular piping system is adopted to ensure that static evaporation rates of the tank better than industry average standards.




Capacity: 1m3 to 1,000m3, customized according to customer’s requirement

Mode: Vertical or horizontal

Design temperature: 50℃/-196℃ 

Working pressure: 8bar, 16bar or customized

Insulation mode: Vacuum Powder Insulation

Medium liquid: LOX,LIN,LAR,LN2O

Inner vessel: Stainless Steel

Outer vessel: Carbon Steel

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