Liquid Argon Oxygen Nitrogen CO2 Mobile Tank


LOX LIN LAR LCO2 Mobile Tank 3-33m3

Multi-layer super-isolation technology guarantees a better stability of the liquid argon gas, for optimized holing time. The tank design and the use of super-isolation material reduces the tank’s weight, and therefore to maximize the payload of the transport mobile tank.


The all-stainless-steel piping system is designed from pre-assembled standard modules which can be combined in order to meet clients requirements for enhanced reliability and better performance. A centrifugal pump as an optional choice is given to the client to speed up unloading process and thus improve operation efficient. For high pressure mobile liquid argon tank, a pressure building coil to vaporizer gas is equipped and pump is not required. Therefore the investment is reduced as this liquid argon mobile tank is immediately operational. 




Medium: LOX, LIN, LAR, LCO2

Capacity: 3-33m3

Working pressure:  8bar/16bar/22bar or customized

Design temperature: -196℃

Insulation Mode:Multi-layer super vacuum insulation

Centrifugal pump: Optional


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