Liquid Oxygen Mobile Tank


Liquid Oxygen Mobile Tank

Liquid oxygen, abbreviated LOX, is the liquid form of diatomic oxygen. Common uses of oxygen include steel production, brazing, plastics and textiles, welding and cutting of steels and other metals, oxygen therapy, rocket propellant and life support systems in aircraft, submarines, spaceflight and diving. As a vital gas in industrial, medical and engineering settings, oxygen makes up about 21% of the atmosphere. Liquid oxygen has a density of 1141kgs/m3 and has a boiling point of -182.96℃


The mobile liquid oxygen tank is designed and fabricated for storage and transportation of liquid oxygen from one place to another. The tank is filled by pressurized transfer from an ASU plant or main storage tank. The tank may be used for direct distribution of liquid oxygen using flexible metal hose. Depending on the customers requirement, a centrifugal pump can be designed to make unloading faster. For high pressure mobile liquid oxygen tank, the investment of a pump can be saved, with the weight of the tank heavier than low pressure tank. Our mobile LOX tank has features of lightweight and high payload, safe and easy to use and complete supply of associated accessories for immediate use.




Capacity: 3m3-26m3

Working pressure: 3bar, 16 bar or customized

Design temperature: -196℃

Medium: Liquid oxygen gas

Size: Designed according to customers vehicle model

Insulation mode: Multi-layer super-isolation or vacuum powder insulation

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