Dewar Flask 80L

Part 1.Product Name: 80L Dewar Flask Vertical 


Model No.: 

Main technical parameter: 

Available volume:         80L

Max working pressure:            13.7bar

Design pressure:            27.4bar

Insulation method:        Multi-layer

Main material(inner vessel/outer vessel):     Stainless steel

Design temperature:            -196℃

Medium:              LNG(30KGS),LO2(87KGS),LN2(61KGS),LAR(106KGS)

Dimension:            ~φ516*907mm

Empty weight:            ~76Kgs


Scope of supply: 


(1)Dewar flask main body                        1 set

(2)The Valves and instrument: Intake liquid valve, liquid outlet valve, pressure increasing valve, discharge valve, safety valve, liquid level meter.




* Built-in booster can supply 10m3-20m3/h gas continuously
* International standard connectors are adopted, all valves are premium brands with stable performance.
* Damping ring design to ensure safe transportation

* Widely used in the industries of Laser cutting/chemical /machinery /shipbuilding/ hospital /electronic /medical /material /energy /research/fish-heat preservation, etc.

* Double-walled design, stainless steel construction

* Multi-layer vacuum insulation

* Fully welded construction

* Capacity ranges from 80L to 1000L

Working pressure: 1.37Mpa-3.45Mpa

Customized design is available upon request.

* Ideal for liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon, CO2 or nitrous oxide

* Thick, dent-resistant outer shell
* Durable inner-vessel support system
*Heavy-duty foot ring and large diameter handling ring with four supports



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