LCO2 Semi Trailer Tanker

Multi-layer insulation cryogenic semi-trailers tankers, also called lorry tankers, semi-trailer transport tankers, are designed and fabricated for transporting cryogenic gases, including LOX, LIN, LAR, LNG, LN2O,LCO2, etc. Such new and advanced technology aims at reducing vehicle counterweight and improve efficiency without affecting vehicle performance.




Design code: GB150 or ASME

Capacity:15-53 m3

Medium liquid: LOX, LIN, LAR, LNG, LN2O,LCO2

Working pressure: 2-37 bar

Temperature: 50℃/-196℃

Ambient temperature: 50℃/-50℃

Inner vessel material: Stainless Steel

Outer vessel material: Carbon Steel

Insulation: Multi-layer Insulation, vacuum powder insulation, PU insulation

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