Horizontal Cryogenic Storage Tank

Horizontal Cryogenic Storage Tank

Cryogenic storage tanks are produced for the purpose of storing the below gases in the liquid form.


-Liquefied Oxygen        (LOX)    -196

-Liquefied Nitrogen       (LIN)     -196

-Liquefied Argon          (LAR)    -196

-Liquefied Natural Gas    (LNG)    -196

-Liquefied N2O                     -80

-Liquefied Carbon Dioxide (LCO2)   -40


Our fixed horizontal cryogenic storage tanks are designed for storage of cryogenic gases under particular pressure for a long period of time, which has features of good vacuum insulation grade, scientific structure design and long lifespan.




Capacity: 1m3 to 1,000m3, customized according to customer’s requirement

Mode: Horizontal

Design temperature: 50C/-196 and 50C/-40 for LCO2 tank

Working pressure: 8bar, 16bar,22bar or customized

Insulation mode:Vacuum Powder Insulation

Medium liquid:LOX,LIN,LAR,LNG,LN2O,LCO2

Inner vessel for LOX,LIN,LAR,LN2O,LNG: Stainless Steel

Inner vessel for LCO2: Carbon Steel for GB150 standard or Stainless Steel for ASME standard

Outer vessel: Carbon Steel

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