Ambient Air-heated Vaporizer

Ambient Air-heated Vaporizer

Ambient air vaporizers are relative uncomplicated heat exchangers which vaporize liquefied gas by using heat absorbed from the ambient air. Due to its simple principle of operation, these vaporizers do not require any electricity supply. It has advantages of zero operational expenses and low maintenance costs. Liquid gases passe through a number of interconnected tubes in various series and parallel paths. Vaporizers are designed to match the customers flow requirements to avoid low-temperature gas entering the product pipeline. Ambient air vaporizers are widely used in different applications in gas industry.






Medium:LOX、LN2、LAr、LCO2 、 LNG 、 LC2H4

Design temperature:minus 5℃ against ambient temperature


**We can manufacture ambient vaporizer, water bath heater,electric heater,BOG heater,EAG heater and etc according to the customers requirements.

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