LPG Semi Trailer Tanker

LPG Semi Trailer Tanker

LPG Gas Tanker Truck, is also called LPG Mobile Transport Semi Trailer, LPG storage tank semi trailer or LPG carrier tank trailer, is a type of semi trailer used in road transport where movement is provided with the help of a truck head. LPG truck semi trailer consists of 3 main parts, including tank body, axles and chasis. The number of axles is determined by the volume and load capacity. LPG tanker trailer size and volume can be produced according to the customer’s requirement.




Capacity: 5.5CBM-70CBM

Type: Cylindrical Horizontal-Semi Trailer Type

Filling medium: Liquefied Petroleum Gas Propane

Design pressure: 17.5 bar

Test pressure:    bar

Welding factor: =1

Corrosion: =2

Design temperature: -20℃/50℃

Dished Ends: Ellipsoidal Type

Axles: 2-4 axles according to the volume of the LPG tanker

Accessories: Safety Valve, Level Meter, Thermometer, Pressure Gauge, Emergency Shut-off Valve, Valve Box, Fire Extinguisher, Anti-static Ground Tape, etc.

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