Portable Oxygen Generator

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5-10L/Min Portable Oxygen Generator

Portable Oxygen Generator


Molecular sieve oxygen generator

Molecular sieve oxygen generator YRK-10G adopts the adsorption performance of molecular sieve, and separates nitrogen and oxygen in the air by means of physical principle and large displacement oil-free compressor, and finally obtains high concentration of oxygen. This type of oxygen machine produces oxygen quickly, oxygen concentration is high, suitable for all kinds of people oxygen therapy and oxygen health care. Low power consumption, low price.


Product parameters


Model:YRK(Single humidifier/double humidifiers )


Oxygen concentration:93%±3


Oxygen flow rate:0.5-9.9L/min


Rated voltage:AC220V/110V ±10%


Rated power:550W


The noise:≤55dB


Output pressure:≥45Kpa






1, Real-time display of oxygen concentration, fault alarm, low oxygen concentration alarm

2, function to assure the oxygen intake.

3,High-quality special compressor, imported bearing, leather wrist longer service life.

4, Zero-class lithium molecular sieves make oxygen concentration as high as 96%.

5,Low noise design ≤55dB, oxygen more calm.

6,Equipped with humidifier and bacterial filter to let you breathe cleaner oxygen.

With optimization function,the generator can achieve a dual use, which is your best choice.


7,.Equipped with Double wet bottle ,two persons can take oxygen at the same time.


Product users:


Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases: cerebral thrombosis,


hypertension, heart disease, brain vertigo and other diseases.


Patients with respiratory diseases: novel corona virus bronchitis, emphysema, respiratory infection, etc


Plateau workers: those who are not adapted to the plateau climate such as duty, construction and tourism.


Other people prone to hypoxia: pregnant women, the elderly, overworked exercise and other people.

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