CO2 Recovery Plant


CO2 Recovery Plant

1) LCO2 Recovery Plant from Carbon - contained Fuel

1. Basic situation of raw material being used: LNG, Oil like diesel, gasoline, Coal, Acid base neutralization or other source
2. Scope of capacity: 20kgs/hour-4000kgs/hour
3. Product quality:
Purity of CO2: ≥99.99% Standards: ISBT, , Food / Industrial Grade, Requirements of beverage additives
4. Product modality
Cryogenic liquid CO2; Pressure: 1.6~2.0Mpa; Temperature: -20°C~-25°C


2) LCO2 Recovery Plant from Rich CO2 Source

* Alcohol plant fermentation gas
* Sugar plant fermentation gas
* Synthesis ammonia (fertilizer) plant
* Methanol plant
* Refineries,
* Chemical plants
* CO2 mine
* Other CO2 gas source
* Scope of capacity: 800kgs/hr or above

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