LPG Storage Tank

    LPG storage tanks are used to store liquefied petroleum gas for cylinder filling purpose or vehicle big scale fuel requirements. There are different types of LPG tanks installed under ground or over ground. Our manufacturing standard is GB150 standard or ASME standard. Our strict quality control process will offer highest performance during the whole lifespan of LPG tanks.


    -Metallurgical and mechanical properties of raw material steels are tested and verified before production.

    -All welded joints are tested according to manufacturing standard. Comprehensive tests are conducted, such as X-ray, dye penetrant, ultrasonic and magnetic particle tests.

    -All LPG storage tanks shall receive hydro-static pressure test after manufacturing, after which, leakage test against connections of tank accessories shall be conducted by nitrogen gas.

    - Tanks are sand blasted and coated with high quality paints.



    Manufacturing code: GB150 or ASME SEC VIII-1 2017 ED

    Capacity: 1m3-1000m3

    Filling rate: 0.9

    Medium liquid: Liquefied petroleum gas

    Design temperature:-20℃/+54℃

    Operation pressure: 1.63 Mpa

    Design pressure: 1.77Mpa

    Hydrostatic test pressure: 2.25 Mpa

    Joint efficiency: 1/1

    Corrosion allowance: 1.0mm

    Head type: Ellipsoidal

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